Course Readings

July, 3, 2014

Whittaker, C.R., 1990. “The Consumer city revisted: the vicus and the city”, Journal of Roman Archaeology 3, pp. 110-118.

Click to access whittaker-1990.pdf

Henry Maguire. Gardens and Parks in Constantinople, Dumbarton Oaks Papers, 2000, pp. 251-264

Click to access Gardens%20and%20Parks%20in%20Constantinople%20.pdf

Kaldjian, P. Istanbul’s Bostans: a Millennium of Market Gardens. Geographical Review 94(3), 2004, 284-304.

Click to access Istanbul%27s%20Bostans%20A%20Millennium%20of%20Market%20Gardens%20%20.pdf

Necipoglu, Gülru. 1997. The Suburban Landscape of Sixteenth-Century  Istanbul as a Mirror of Classical Ottoman Garden Culture.” In Gardens in the Time of the Great Muslim Empires: Theory and Design, edited by Attilio         Petruccioli, Leiden; New York: E.J. Brill, pp. 32-71

Click to access Necipoglu%20-%20Suburban%20landscape%200f%20sixteenth%20century%20Istanbul%20%20.pdf

  Shopov, Aleksandar and Ayhan Han. Osmanlı Istanbul’unda Kent Içi  Tarımsal Toprak Kullanımı ve Dönüsümleri: Yedikule Bostanları, Toplumsal  Tarih, 236, August 2013, 34 – 38. (English translation)

Click to access %20Osmanl%C4%B1%20Istanbul%E2%80%99unda%20Kent%20I%C3%A7i%20%20Tar%C4%B1msal%20Toprak%20Kullan%C4%B1m%C4%B1%20ve%20D%C3%B6n%C3%BCs%C3%BCmleri-%20Yedikule%20Bostanlar%C4%B1%20%28english%20translation%29.pdf

July, 8  

Raymond Williams, The Country and the City, 1975, Oxford University Press, pp.1-12

Click to access the%20country%20and%20the%20city%20-%20raymond%20williams.pdf

Cassianus, Bassus, Geoponika: Farm Work: A Modern Translation of the Roman and Byzantine Farming Handbook. Totnes, Devon: Prospect Books, 2011, 9-55 and  246- 267.

Click to access Dalby%20A.%2C%20Geoponika.pdf

Brubaker, Leslie. The Vienna Dioskorides and Anicia Juliana, in Byzantine Garden Culture ed., Anthony Littlewood, Henry Maguire and Joachim Wolschke – Bulmahn,    189-214

Click to access byzgarch10.pdf

July , 10

Maria Mavrudi and  Mary-Lyon Dolezal, “Theodore Hyrtakenos’ Description of the Garden of St. Anna and the Byzantine Descriptions of Gardens.” In Byzantine Garden Culture, eds. A. Littlewood, H. Maguire, J. Wolschke-Buhlmann, Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, D.C, 2002, 105-158.

Click to access byzgarch7.pdf

Shirine Hamadeh, Public spaces and the garden culture of Istanbul, in The Early Modern Ottomans, edited by Virginia Aksan and Daniel Goffman, 2007, 277-312.

Click to access public%20spaces%20and%20the%20garden%20culture%20in%20istanbul.pdf

Byzantine Typika:

(Twelfth century) Typikon of Athanasios Philanthropenos for the Monastery of St. Mamas in Constantinople (trans. Anastasius Bandy)

Click to access typ043.pdf

(Thirteenth century)   Typikon of Theodora Palaiologina for the Convent of Lips in Constantinople (trans. Alice-Mary Talbot)

Click to access typ051.pdf

Typikon of Theodora Palaiologina for the Convent of Sts. Kosmas and Damian in Constantinople (trans. Alice-Mary Talbot)

Click to access typ052.pdf

Inalcık, Halil. 2012 . The Survey of Istanbul 1455: The Text, English Translation, Analysis of the Text, Documents. İstanbul, Turkey: Türkiye İş Bankası Kültür Yayınları, 2012, preface, introduction and  pp. 295- 368.

The Survey of the Bustans (Gardens) in Istanbul intramural from 1735.  (unpublished, english translation)

July 15 and 17

Bevan, A., Conolly, J., Colledge, S., Frederick, C., Palmer, C., Siddall, R. & Stellatou, A. 2013. The
Long-Term Ecology of Agricultural Terraces and Enclosed Fields from Antikythera, Greece. Human Ecology 41(2): 255-272.

Click to access Bevan%20et%20al%202013%20The%20Long-Term%20Ecology%20of%20ag%20terraces%20and%20enclosed%20fields%20from%20Antikythera.pdf

Conolly, J., & M. Lake. 2006. First Principles. In Geographical Information Systems in Archaeology.
Cambridge Manuals in Archaeology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 11-32.

Click to access Conolly%20and%20Lake%202006%20First%20Principles.pdf

Goodchild, H. 2012. GIS Models of Roman Agricultural Production. In A. Bowman & A. Wilson (ed.)
The Roman Agricultural Economy. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 55-84.

Click to access Goodchild%202012%20GIS%20models%20of%20Roman%20Agricultural%20Production.pdf

Ingold, T. 2000. To Journey Along a Way of Life. In T. Ingold The Perception of the Environment.

Click to access Ingold%202000%20To%20journey%20along%20a%20way%20of%20life.pdf

Preston, B., & M. Wilson. In press. Practicing GIS as Mixed-Method: Affordances and Limitations in
an Urban Gardening Study. Annals of the Association of American Geographers. Available at

Click to access preston_wilson_forthcoming%20Practicing%20GIS%20as%20mixed%20method_affordances%20and%20limitations%20in%20urban%20garden.pdf

July 22 and 24

Professor Gulay Yedekçi lectured on Urban Transformation in Istanbul and urban agriculture.

Click to access Geoponika_Book%2012.pdf

Click to access Istanbul%27s%20Bostans%20A%20Millennium%20of%20Market%20Gardens%20%20.pdf

Click to access Kroder.pdf

Click to access Popper%20and%20Hastorf.pdf

Click to access Rodgers.pdf

Click to access Toussaint%20Samat.pdf

August 5 and 7

Professor Gulay Yedekçi lectured on Urban Transformation in Istanbul and her work on the Yedikule gardens.

Click to access THE%20RIGHT%20TO%20THE%20CITY%20David%20Harvey%20.pdf

August 12 and 14

Click to access Harvey_2001.pdf

Click to access ICOMOS_FlorenceCharter_1981.pdf

Click to access Ricci_2008.pdf

Click to access ARicci_Bostan_2008.pdf

Click to access TheodosianWalls_2012.pdf


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